You CAN Touch This!

I've been a selfish blogger and keeping all my Courtasms to myself! Well, New Year = New Sharings = New Stitches!

Wait, what?

That's right, a large portion of my silence has been attributed to stitches. Not the bloody kind, but the bloody fabulous kind!

I started a little cottage side craft business, Courtastic Creations (Courtastic Creations Facebook and Courtastic Creations Tumblr) featuring quilted items, and for fun, I started playing with needles.

Yes, I now cross stitch! 

Lest you are starting worry that my Courtasms have gone soft, this is not the cross stitch of yesteryear. This is the cross stitch that VH1 "I Love the _____" specials are made of!

I'm talking about Buffy, John Hughes movies, Goonies, Big Bang, Princess Bride, Firefly, Harry Potter, and even superheroes!

To make a long blog entry short, I'm totally courtasming over Wee Little Stitches cross stitch patterns!


They are the coolest patterns ever! I highly suggest you check out the Wee Little Stitches Facebook or Etsy Shop, pick your patterns, and then make someone stitch them for you! That's what the New Year is all about, being assertive!

The blog is back, stitches!

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