Tis the Season for CHER-ing

After a brief hiatus *cough* a little bit of fabulousness came my way and sparked me into a full-on Courtasm.

You may be asking yourself, "Hmm, what could possibly be so fiercely fantastic that it would bring Ima out of the dark depths of real word despair and back into her neon world of pure glee?

Well, I'll tell you....

Why nothing more than receiving my very own CHER doll!!!!!!

Designed by Mr. Bob Mackie, replete with 1980s "Turn Back Time" body suit.

 Purple glitter? CHECK! Black leather? CHECK! Ass tattoo? DOUBLE CHECK!

I've dreamed of having this "little piece" of fabulousness since the "Gypsies, Tramps & Weed" episode of Will & Grace in 2000.

I don't blame you for being jealous.

Since I'm a giver, have a giggle on me with my favorite scene ever from Will & Grace. You're Welcome.

Pleasure Rating: If-I-Could-Turn-Back-Time-I-Simply-Wouldn't-Because-Then-I-Wouldn't-Have-This-Amazing-Cher-Doll-Courtasm!