We Are All Going To Be Beautiful Butterflies in 2010. Trust.

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping whatever makes you a "beautiful butterfly" comes your way in 2010!

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A Mortasm is a little different than a Courtasm...

Misery Loves Sherman is a nifty comic written by Chris Eliopoulos. It follows little Sherman, his two alien friends and the grim reaper, otherwise known as Mort. Just like me, Mort gets excited by the little things in life. Since I know my Courtasms may not be for everyone, here is a quick Mortasm...

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Pipes, mustached-Italians and man-eating flowers? Yes, Please.

No, I'm not talking about The Jersey Shore, but rather Nintendo inspired crochet!

I am your basic happy (crochet) hooker. I can complete a granny square here and a flower shaped pot holder there, but I yearn to be like the talented DIY-ers out there that take the craft to a whole new level. Speaking of levels, this Nintendo-themed crochet blanket by GeGe Crochet just turns my system on.

*Thank you GeGe Crochet for creating this and sharing it.
Check out more of her work at GeGecrochet.blogspot.com

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Number 1 With a Bullet!

In an attempt to mix things up this year I am now the proud owner of a Magic bullet Blender system. It's a personal blender that can dice, grind, mix, chop and make a mean smoothie. It's so courtastic, that I'm pretty sure it's going to be my second favorite magic bullet product...Mmm Hmmm.

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Modern Family Forgiveness for the Aughts

If you are not watching Modern Family, then I can only assume that you do not like to laugh. Or that you do not like Al Bundy. Either way, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. Seriously. But, in the spirit of Christmas, here is a little lesson learned by Cameron and Mitchell about forgiveness. Which I will internalize and use to forgive those who are not basking in the glory of this television couple and their extended family. Wednesdays at 9 on ABC. Just sayin'

UPDATE:Original video no longer available. But fear not, meet Cameron and Mitchell!

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But He's a Loser, He's pathetic, He's a..a...Simpson!

Tribute to one of the best animated dogs out there, Santa's Little Helper. Maybe I'm a little biased because my family owns two greyhounds, but trust me, those are kisses that can change the world. Just ask Homer...

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Home Alone? Not with the E Street Band Around!

In the spirit of Christmas, today I'll be sharing some of my favorite Christmas related items. Starting with Darlene Love and the E Street Band. Her voice is so rich, his saxaphone is so huge and Little Steven...is just the right size! Happy Holidays!

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No, You ARE the best around! For Reals!

Okay, I'm a little stuck on the Karate Kid now. I'm a big fan, especially of this completely amazing theme song. I used to do interpretive dance to this song in college. No lie.

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Johnny, Finish Him!

The trailer for the Karate Kid remake staring Will Smith's kid is making the internet rounds today. Please. There is only one "re-imagining" of this classic that will make me get out my shower costume and punk valley guys in skeleton body suits...and that is No More Kings "Sweep the Leg." Johnny was robbed and this fixes it all....

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The Iceman Cometh....

I love Top Gun. I love Maverick. I love that he sang "You lost that lovin' feeling" to Charlie in the bar. You know what I love more? This video on YouTube that recuts the movie and makes it a forbidden love story. It warms my heart and it's just well done. Whether it's Charlie and Maverick or Maverick and Iceman...that's one highway to the danger zone I want to go down and down and down and down....

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Spear Me. Spear Me Hard.

I always thought wrestling was stupid. Well, egg on my face. Or rather "Edge" on my face...yes please! I was wrong and I'll admit it. I LOVE it and I love it because of this man. Like Duckie to Andie, I decided to let everyone admire Edge today....

Come back soon, boo!

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Yo, Adrian.

He took her ice skating when the rink was closed to, you know, the general public and people. Then he took her back to his apartment, which was full of raw masculinity. Then he stripped down in a white, wife beater....oh and those arms...oh my those arms...

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Finally Going to be Famous

I now own a copy of Speidi's "How to be Famous." From the tabloidy cover to the courtastically posed pictures inside to the invaluable insight on how I can finally become notorious...it's nice to know people get me.

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What is a Courtasm?

A courtasm is a burst of excitement I feel when I stumble across something so Courtastic, I can't help but share it with the world. For the most part the world consisted of my circle of friends, but now I'm going global.

We all need a courtasm now and again, and this blog will be the one place you can come and always leave satisifed.

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God I love myself Courtasm.

Hurts so Good.

Reinvention is key. I lost sight of that and lost my inspiration for a while.

However today I was reminded by someone that no matter how dormant something may seen, it can spring back to life at any. given. moment.

To that person I say thank you for the early Christmas present.

I also say, "You can catch more flies with honey. You can also stir up the hive when you fling bullsh*t at it. You just didn't realize you hit a hornets nest this morning." Just sayin'.

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First Courtasm of the day!