I don't think you are ready for this jelly...

Something very life affirming happened to me the other day. I discovered that I have a teen sidekick. Someone that wants to help keep me up to date on all current teen pop culture phenomenons.

This may not seem like a big deal to many of your readers, but understanding that I have a real interest in teen films and media and just generally being up on what's down (yes, that lameness is intentional), this pretty much validated my entire existence.

Thanks to Sheeza Punk, I am now in the know about the newest fad, craze and school currency....Silly Bandz. No, this doesn't refer to *Nsync or Backstreet boys...but rather to the evolution of plastic and jelly jewelry.

In the early 80s we had our plastic charms. You know you had them....records, skates, toothpaste bottles, tennis rackets, ghosts, lipsticks and anything the mind could imagine. 

Then, it was all about jelly bracelets and how many you could stuff on your arm.

Slap bracelets kind of brought it to a standstill...after kids were cutting themselves due to some faulty designs.

These were the trends of my day, but now Silly Bandz rule the scene. Really, they are jelly bracelets...but they come in so many shapes other than circle.

There are letters, animals and my favorite, princess shapes!

Oh yeah, these bad girls also glow in the dark. Consider yourself schooled.

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You can call me Ms. Barbie if you're nasty...

The pink background and bows may lead you to believe otherwise, but I'm a Barbie broad. The blonde hair, the outfits, the shoes and the accessories! Pearl rings, diamond rings, hair clips, curling irons and later on pets, career items and so much more. While I stopped buying Barbies many years ago...I did keep the Barbie head around to do her hair when I was stressed in my post grad years and I perhaps more than hinted that when I became engaged to Heesa Mister I would appreciate getting my own "Bride Barbie" and I guess when I graduated college my friends gave me "Graduation Barbie," hmmm I'm sensing a pattern.

Either way, I do get a high from walking through the gender stereotyped pink aisles at Toys R Us. I can't help it. Barbie could be whatever she wanted, whether it was an astronaut or Coca Cola soda girl. For someone who has commitment issues, those neverending possibilities were just way too tempting.

An now, that temptation has returned. Forget hinting to others, I'm about to plop down some hard cold cash. I almost squealed out loud, much to Heester's dismay, when I saw the most amazing, shining beacon on the shelf at my local Target. Apparently, Mattel is reissuing Barbies of the 80s. There she was...in new packaging with collecters pieces...the 1985 Peaches 'n' Cream Barbie. Her beautiful scalloped, shiny white top with peach taffeta bottom and matching wrap. The hair combs were there. For a minute I was 6 again. Yes, Ima's going to be 30 this year, hence this need for Barbies.

Anyway, after doing some frantic research I found out that last year they also reissued the 1986 Barbie and the Rockers doll. I can't even believe I missed this.

I now know why we need to work as adults. We need adult money so we can buy our favorite childhood toys at more than double their cost. Ring me up!

Oh yeah, they are also doing a Ladies of the 80s line. Cyndi Lauper? Yes, please!
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