Gnutty for Gnorm the Gnome!

Ornamental lawn decorations have always held a special place in my heart. I view them as works of art that just bring a lawn to life. They have personality. They have color. They are conversation pieces. And they are often under appreciated when they should be regaled.

Not many people in my life, however, agree with me on this.

Then I took a trip to Baltimore. Talk about life throwing you a weather ball....

by Brad Samuelson
In the midst of the Baltimore Comic Con sat a table. With a gnome on it. I was drawn to this gnome and there it was:  a comic devoted to the hijinks of a delusional lawn gnome, a daschound and a PINK FLAMINGO!

Ima has a thing for Pink flamingos. And lawn gnomes. And delusional warriors.

As the Grass Grows is a webcomic written and drawn by Brad Samuelson detailing the adventures of Gnorm the gnome as he tries to protect his lawn from total annihilation. He has some help from Bob, the pink flamingo, and Jack, the dachshund. He even has an evil nemesis, Gned. It's funny, it's smart, and it's just plain cool.

You'd be Gnutty not to check it out.


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